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Your Dog Walking Service

If you're considering hiring a dog walker, and you live in Fremont, Newark or Union City, The Woof Gang is the dog walking service for you!

walk02 Q: Why do I need dog walking?
A: As experienced dog walkers, we're more than happy to answer all of your questions concerning dog walking in general, our dog walkers and our dog walking service! Please feel free to browse this page for in-depth answers to all of your dog walking-related queries. Then, if we still haven't answered your question, please phone our office at: 510-676-8808, or contact us via Internet-related methods!

Q: What can The Woof Gang do for me as a dog walker that my friends / family / neighbor can't do?
A: Friends, family members or neighbors might seem like a logical choice for dog walking. But, as a professional dog walker, The Woof Gang is entirely dedicated - 100% - to the care of your pets. Not only will we consistently be there to dog walk at our agreed-upon time, but, we also have the training and experience necessary to assess different situations that might arise during dog walking, then, apply the appropriate response in support of your much-loved companion animal and home. The Woof Gang is a licensed, bonded and insured dog walking company. As an added measure of protection, The Woof Gang is also fully trained in Animal First Aid and Animal CPR, should the need arise.

Q: Do you provide mid-day dog walks?
A: Yes. As a matter of fact, this is one of our more popular dog walking services! Most of our clients work all day, and arrive home pretty late in the evening, already tired after a long day. But, their canine companion has been resting ALL day; what their dog wants is to go for a nice long dog walk, and the dog walker (you!) is exhausted! This is where 'The Woof Gang' comes in. Your dog walker will come to your house during the day, while you are at work, and take your dog our for a nice walk. This dog walk can be as short as a 30-minute walk around the neighborhood, or, as long as an extended walk to the local dog park, community hiking trail or lake. Your dog will enjoy being outside, in the sunshine and surrounded by fun sights, sounds and smells while you are at work!

Q: My dog is stuck in the house all day. If I hire The Woof Gang to be my dog walker, will you make sure that my dog goes potty while you are walking them?
A: Yes. As your dog walker, The Woof Gang will ensure that your dog "does their doody" while on their walk with us! This is especially important if your dog does not have access to a yard or garage while you are at work, or if you live in a condominium or apartment, where your dog's access to the outside is limited. If your dog sometimes has potty accidents in the house, having The Woof Gang provide you with dog walking service is just what you (and your canine companion) need to get your pet used to regular dog walks and the associated regular potty breaks. Of course, while on a dog walk with your pet, we always dispose of your pet's waste in the proper manner, as well!

walk03 Q: Do you have dog walking references?
A: Yes. Please contact us! We will give you the telephone numbers and/or email addresses of some of our current and past dog walking clients. Or, if you prefer, please read our online dog walking Customer Testimonials.

Meet Your New Dog Walker!

Q: Will you play with my dog while you walk them?
A: Yes! The Woof Gang truly loves spending quality time with animals! The Woof Gang is not only a dog walker for your pet, but, a companion and an exercise buddy! You only need to show your dog walker where your dog's favorite toys are, and we will make sure to mix in a healthy amount of play time with their scheduled walk! With The Woof Gang as your dog walker, your dog will stretch their legs, get plenty of exercise, and will be relaxed and ready to cuddle up with you when you arrive home from work.

Q: My dog pulls on the leash when we go for a walk. Will you be able to handle them?
A: Yes. The Woof Gang, although not a professional dog trainer, is well-versed in the methods used in training dogs not pull on the leash. As your dog walker, The Woof Gang will use those methods while walking your dog. Having a dog that does not pull on the leash while walking is important for your safety and for the safety of your dog. Even a small dog can pull rather strongly if they get a running start! As your dog walker, The Woof Gang will always use clear, consistent training and leash practice and gently guide your dog with sound behavior principles. Before you know it, The Woof Gang, as your dog walker, will have your dog walking correctly on a leash, without pulling, as an easy and natural extension of their job as your dog walker!

Q: Are you bonded, licensed and insured if anything should happen to or with my dog while they are in the care of my dog walker?
A: Yes. The Woof Gang is a licensed, bonded and insured pet sitting and dog walking company. Our liability insurance includes coverage for your pets, your home, your dog walker / pet sitter and anyone or anything that your pet might come in to contact with. With The Woof Gang as your dog walker, your dog, the dog walker and your personal property are all covered in the event of injury or accidental damage. As an added measure of protection, The Woof Gang is also trained in Animal First Aid and CPR, should the need arise.

walk04Q: How far in advance should I book my dog walker?
A: Please contact us as soon as you know your schedule. Many of our clients schedule their dog walking visits months in advance. We will try our best to accommodate last minute dog walking reservations.

Q: How do I arrange for The Woof Gang to provide dog walking or pet sitting services to me and my pet?
A: If you would like to hire The Woof Gang to be your dog walker, please phone our office at: 510-676-8808, or contact us to make a dog walking reservation request. After we receive your request, we will set up and meet you for a FREE consultation, fill out some paperwork with you, sign a contract which outlines all of our dog walking and pet sitting responsibilities to you, and, spend some time getting to know your pet, while, at the same time, allowing your pets to meet their new dog walker / pet sitter!

Q: I have more questions about dog walking, or hiring The Woof Gang to be my dog walker. Can you help me?
A: Absolutely! You can find more specific information on our Website, including: Our dog walking and pet sitting rates, Our dog walking and pet sitting services, Our dog walking and pet sitting general FAQ. Or, you can Contact Us - or - Request More Information using our secure Web form.