Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Home Care
Service Rates


** Pet Sitting Services include feeding and water, basic clean-up and tidying, mail/plant/garbage service and blind/light adjustments, as needed! **

Our normal visits take place between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:59 PM. If you require AFTER HOURS CARE - (before 8 AM or after 8 PM) - an additional $20.00 fee per visit will apply.

Pet Sitting Rates; Some Examples:
Standard Visit for (1) dog or (2) cats or (1) small habitat - $30
Extended Visit for (2) dogs or (3) cats or (2) small habitats - $35
Extra-Long Visit for (3) dogs or (4) cats or (3) small habitats - $40

* All pet sitting prices include pets from the same household. If you have more than (4) pets, or, you would like us to provide sitting services for pets from more than one household, please Contact Us for a custom quote!

Dog Walking Rates; (1) dog walked (5) days per week or a minimum of (20) times per month**:
(1) Standard (30 min) Walk: $28
(1) Extended (40 min) Walk: $34

** * All dog walking prices include pets from the same household. If you have more than (1) dog or would like us to walk dogs from more than one household, please Contact Us for a custom quote!

Dog Walking Rates; less than (5) days per week, offered on a sliding rate scale, depending on the number of dog walks scheduled per week.
Rates for 30 minute / 40 minute dog walks:
(5) walks per week or > 20 walks per month = $28/$34 per walk
(4) walks per week or > 16 walks per month = $29/$35 per walk
(3) walks per week or > 12 walks per month = $30/$36 per walk
(2) walks per week or > 8 walks per month = $31/$37 per walk
(1) walk per week or > 4 walks per month = $32/$38 per walk

"A la carte" walks; less than (4) walks per month or sporadic walks, scheduled weekly = $35 per 30-min walk. - As an 'a la carte' dog walking client, we will fit your pooch in to our mid-day walking schedule for a 30-min walk on the days you request with an arrival time of some time between 10am and 2pm. These walks must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance or an additional $20 "late booking charge" will apply.

Miscellaneous Services:
Initial Consultation: FREE
Home Care Visit (no pets): $25
'Poop-scooping', 20 mins: $30
Additional Consult, each 30-min: $30
Extra Premium for Holidays (see rates below)
Fuel Surcharge to Hayward / Milpitas: $5 Per Visit

Holidays, Payment Terms,
Refunds and Cancellations:

The below Holidays have an extra premium, per visit:
- New Year's Eve / Day - $10
- President's Day - $10
- Easter Sunday - $10
- Memorial Day / Weekend - $10 / $5
- Independence Day / Weekend - $10 / $5
- Labor Day / Weekend - $10 / $5
- Columbus Day - $10
- Veteran's Day / Weekend - $10 / $5
- Thanksgiving Day / Weekend - $15 / $5
- Christmas Eve / Day / Weekend - $20 / $20 / $10

Important Payment Terms:
- We accept CASH, check or credit cards, via PayPal.
- Services requested with less than 72 hours advance notice will incur a $25.00 late booking fee.
- Payment is due before service starts. A $5 PER VISIT late charge will be applied to service that is not paid in advance.

Refund & Cancellation Policy:
- 8+ Days notice - Full Refund, No charge.
- 3-7 Days notice - 80% refund, 20% Service Charge
- 0-72 Hrs notice - No refund.
- Holiday Period Cancellations - No Refund.

The Woof Gang - Reliable, Affordable Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, Fremont, CA

Detailed Explanation of Dog Walking,
Pet Sitting and Home Care Services

Initial Consultation (~60 minutes) - At this visit, we'll review some paperwork, answer questions, collect keys, and tour your home while discussing how you would like us to care for your pet(s). This required meeting must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to your first scheduled service.

Standard Walk / Visit - (Approximately 20 / 30 minutes) - Good for single pet homes, supervised feedings, regular dog walks, and play time. Note for our pet sitting clients: Cats, caged animals, reptiles, etc. are usually OK with one visit per day. Most dogs will require at least two visits per day.

Extended Visit - (Approximately 40 minutes) - Best for (2) pet homes, long dog walks, or pets with special diets or special medical needs.

Extra Long Visit - (Approximately 60 minutes) - Best for multiple pet homes, or dogs that require extra exercise. If you have more than (2) pets, this visit will allow your pets an extra measure of quality time, with ample time to be walked, brushed or for everyone to receive some one-on-one attention. For our dog walking clients, your pooch will enjoy an extended walk through your neighborhood, where they will get plenty of exercise, social time and training!

Home Care Visit - (Approximately 30 minutes) - For our non-pet clients, this visit takes care of all the things you can't take care of while you're out of town. We'll bring in your mail, water your plants, pick up your packages, water your lawn, sweep your porch, or any other household task you'd like done while you're away. We'll even stock your refrigerator for you with essentials before you come home! We'll make your home looked "lived in" by turning lights on and off, rotating blinds and draperies and turning televisions / radios on and off. Our home care visits add an an extra measure of security to your home while providing you with peace-of-mind.

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