Using a Professional Pet Sitter Versus Kenneling
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Quite often, we receive telephone calls from potential clients who are going out of town and would like to hire us to kennel their dog or cat. We have to tell them that, unfortunately, we do not offer kenneling services, but, that's not necessarily a bad thing! Below is the conversation that we usually have with potential clients looking for a kennel for their pet. We thought it might be beneficial to offer this information to the Internet. Enjoy!

Kennels are a viable option for many pet owners who must travel for business or pleasure, and either cannot take their pets with them, or, cannot leave their pets at home alone. However, there is an option to kenneling your pet that offer many advantages to both you, and your pet. It's called "professional pet sitting", and, it's become quite popular in the last few years!

Professional Pet Sitting is just like babysitting, but, for your pet! When you hire an in-home pet sitter, your pet sitter will come to your house and temporarily take your place in your pet's life, doing all of the essential "human" things that your pet needs, in your stead. The advantages are many, and, a lot of pet owners who have recently discovered in-home pet sitting are wondering why they didn't consider using a professional pet sitter before!

Your Pet is Less Traumatized At Home

The trauma (and sometimes, drama!) that you and your pet experience when your pet is being transported to an unfamiliar environment, no matter how appropriate, can often be enough to rethink leaving on a trip at all! Some pets may yowl, growl, bark and claw on the way to the kennel ... and, this is before you even get them in the crate or in the car!

Even if your pet is fine for the ride, they then must acclimate to the new environment, sights, sounds and smells of the kennel and all of the "strangers" surrounding them, both man and animal. If a pet has difficulty adapting, there is little that the kennel can do, besides keep your pet locked in a cage until you can retrieve them.

With in-home pet sitting, this whole messy process is cut out completely. Your pet simply stays home, in their familiar surroundings, with their familiar toys, food dishes and "stuff", and your pet sitter / dog walker shows up when your pet needs them. This is, by far, the least stressful way to arrange care for your pet while you are away!

Your Pet's Routines Are Not Interrupted

At the end of the day, in-home pet sitting gives you more control over your pet's daily activities and living situation than if you were to board them at a kennel. Kennels often have set feeding, play and walk times, which do not coincide with your pet's regular schedule. If your pet stays in your home, you are free to set the visit times and daily routine that your pet will follow, explain them to your in-home pet sitter, and, your pet sitter will arrive at the pre-determined time to provide whatever care you have specified.

Some kennels may be willing to work with you if your animal has a special schedule. However, be prepared to pay more (sometimes MUCH more!) for this extra attention. With in-home pet sitting, visits are all-inclusive, and often include, walks, play time, petting and cuddles, brushing, and more!

Your Pet Receives Personalized Care

Unless business is slow, a kennel will usually have much more than one or two boarders. It's not uncommon for larger kennels to house as many as 20 or even 30 pets at once! This does not mean they can not proved excellent pet care; many do. However, nothing is better than the one-on-one attention that in-home pet sitting provides to your pet. With in-home pet sitting, your pet has your pet sitter's undivided attention for the entire time that they are at your home visiting, and your pet is their #1 priority!

Your Home Is The Safest Place For Your Pet

Kennels are safe places, but, they do offer some potential dangers for your pet, just like a school does for children. One danger is the threat of disease. There are a number of communicable conditions that can be contracted at kennels, like 'kennel cough', or even fleas! It is natural for your pet to get some illnesses during the normal course of their lives, however, there is less risk of this happening if your pets are kept safely in your own home while you are away.

Other animals may cause your pet harm, also. Keep in mind that, if your pet was stressed and traumatized by the trip to the kennel, other people's pets at the same kennel may be feeling a little stressed also, and may lash out. Hands down, if your pets safety is a concern, the best place for them is in their home, where they have a proven track record of comfort, happiness, and familiarity!

Using a Pet Sitter Is More Convenient

When using a pet sitter, nothing has to change in you OR your pet's daily schedule. The only thing missing from your pet's life while you are away is you; and, that's what your new pet sitter is for! While your pet sitter is preparing to be a "surrogate you", you will be planning for your trip. The very last thing you need to be doing as you race to the plane is chasing Fido around the living room trying to get him in to his travel crate!

What this translates into is more time for you, and less running around before it's time to leave. And when it is time to come home, with in-home pet sitting as your pet care choice, you don't have to make an extra trip to the kennel before hitting the homestretch!

In Home Pet Sitting Provides Additional Peace of Mind

All the above reasons will ensure that you have more more peace of mind, both before your trip, and while you are away! This extra measure of peace will be golden when you are away from your home and your beloved pet, knowing that they are safely at home and being cared for by a professional, in-home pet sitter. Not only that, but, your home will be looked after also!

Many pet sitters, in addition to caring for your pets, will also bring in your mail and newspaper, rotate your blinds and lights, take out your garbage cans, and make your home looked "lived in", which is an extra measure of security for your home and belongings. In-home pet sitting makes traveling, and leaving your beloved pet behind, a much more peaceful, worry-free experience!


So, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and call that pet sitter you've been wanting to call, then, enjoy your trip!

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